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This project included the refurbishment of a 150-year-old Grade II listed building & New build of the first rotunda style building in Manchester to create a Hotel, Gym & Restaurant. The 13 storey project was a very challenging but rewarding one and involved the use of more than 20 different paint colours.

The Grade II Listed part meant working with existing and listed features such as irregular sized and shaped rooms, including

cornice, mouldings, sash windows and ornate steel work both internally and externally. The final project is of a very high standard and specification as commented on by the head project manager, client and staff working at the hotel. We have brought these two buildings together, new and old and we are very proud of the completed project.


Hotel Indigo, Manchester


Bowmer & Kirkland


Decoration of new build. Hotel in central Manchester


March 2018


November 2018

Success Stories:

Liam Hall

Project Manager

Hotel Indigo Group


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