Story Offsite Spray Painting.


Revolutionising Construction Efficiency: A Game-Changing Solution

Introducing Story Offsite - the ultimate answer to overcome construction site challenges.

Remove the hassle of having a large crew of painters onsite and experience a smoother workflow for all trades involved. With too many people on site, accidents happen, such as damage to freshly painted woodwork, resulting in costly repainting. But with Story Offsite, we have streamlined the woodwork painting process to deliver exceptional workmanship and project outcomes.

How it works:

All woodwork components, including skirting, door frames, and architraves, are conveniently delivered to our state-of-the-art spray-painting facility. Our expert team prepares and paints the items to perfection, eliminating the need for painters at your site. Once completed, the painted items are carefully dried, wrapped, and promptly delivered to your location. To ensure flawless results, we include a touch-up service once the items are installed.

Experience the Benefits of Story Offsite

Beneficial Programme Gains

Our meticulous management of the delivery process results in painted items arrive on site in economical loads and according to an agreed schedule. This improves the overall project timeline and prevents delays.

Consistent and High-Quality Workmanship

With our state-of-the-art spray facility we have a controlled spray and drying environment which guarantees a consistent high-quality finish.

Improves Safety and Efficiency

By reducing the number of individuals onsite, we create a safer environment for everyone involved. This streamlined approach increases productivity, saves time, and minimises disruptions for other trades. Creating a safer working environment.


Join us in reducing our carbon footprint. Utilising our Off-site facility minimises on-site time and associated working mileage. Additionally, the decreased need for extensive on-site welfare facilities helps to minimise waste and environmental impact.

Story Offsite Spray Painting Projects

Check out some prestigious projects that have already experienced the advantages of Story Offsite:

  • Workington Academy – Sir Robert McAlpine
  • CNC - Morgan Sindall
  • Clayton Hotel, Bristol – McAleer & Rushe
  • DTI Edinburgh University – Mclaughlin & Harvey
  • Canterbury Hall – Warden
  • Campus Whitehaven – Wates
  • Lawson Quay, Lancaster – Eric Wright
  • The Vantage, Nottingham – McAleer & Rushe
  • Three60 and The Blade, Manchester - Renaker
  • Manhattan Apartments – Russell WBHO

Our innovative solution has delivered a fantastic finish.

Explore how Story Offsite can revolutionise your construction project and deliver an exceptional result and join the growing list of fantastic clients who have experienced the benefits of our innovative solution.