Epoxy Flooring & Screed.

Story Specialist Coatings offer a range of coatings & screeds to include self-smoothing laid up to 3mm & trowel applied screeds up to 6mm. These are suitable for use in a variety of sectors including Industrial, Commercial, Power Generation, Petrochemical & Chemical locations. 

Epoxy coatings and screeds are hygienic, easy to clean, lower maintenance and they protect the substrate from chemical or product spillages. Where required, all coatings & screeds can be laid complete with an anti-slip version in a variety of colours to provide demarcation between pedestrianised & vehicle or plant access.  The systems provide high impact sustainability & can be applied to various substrates including concrete, steel, sand & cement screeds & galvanised. All applications will be quality assured through specifications, supervision, audits, a fully quantified Inspection & Test Plan (ITP) & manufacturer’s product guarantees where requested.

  • Self-smoothing & trowelled applied Systems
  • Suitable for Industrial, Commercial, Power Generation. Petrochemical & Chemical Industries
  • Hygienic, easy to clean, hard wearing & high impact sustainability.
  • Anti-slip or available in various colours for demarcation in accordance with the Client’s requirements