Resin Coatings.

Specialist resin coatings cover applications to steelwork, tank farms, bunds, and both internal and external tank and Vessel linings. These are normally stand-alone projects with site specific requirements & specifications to suit. This service could be required for anti-corrosion, chemical / product spillages or the installation of a lining for storage of specified products i.e. food materials, chemicals to protect the integrity of the tank or vessel.  Included with the service is contact with coating manufacturers to provide the best solution to the Project requirements, within budgetary & programme levels.

  • Steelwork, tank farms, bunds, tank & vessel linings
  • Anti-corrosive or protection from chemical / product spillages
  • External & Internal linings for product storage in accordance with FDA & REACH requirements.
  • Full back-up from manufacturers to cover product specification including life expectance & maintenance procedures.