Specialist Solutions for Extensive Protection

Specialist resin coatings have a comprehensive range of applications, including car parks, steelwork, tank farms, bunds, and internal and external tank and vessel linings.

These projects are typically unique, with site-specific requirements and specifications. Our team excels in delivering tailored solutions to address diverse needs, whether it’s anti-corrosion protection, containment of chemical or product spillages, or the installation of linings for specific storage requirements, such as food materials or chemicals.

Comprehensive Resin Coating Services

Versatile Applications: Regardless of the complexity or scale of the project, we have the knowledge and resources to provide superior resin coatings.

Protection from Corrosion and Spillages: With our resin coatings, we prioritise the protection of your assets. Whether you need anti-corrosive measures or shielding from chemical or product spillages, our solutions are designed to ensure the integrity and longevity of your structures.

Collaborative Solution Development: We maintain close contact with leading coating manufacturers to ensure that we provide the best possible solutions for your project requirements. Our partnerships enable us to recommend the most suitable products that align with your budget and timeline.

Manufacturer Back-Up: We provide full support and back-up from coating manufacturers to cover product specification, including life expectancy and maintenance procedures. Our commitment to quality ensures that your resin coatings meet the highest standards and deliver long-term durability.

Experience the benefits of Story Decorating Resin Coatings

When it comes to specialist resin coatings, Story Decorating is your trusted partner. Our team of experts brings unmatched technical proficiency and a commitment to excellence to every project. We understand the unique challenges and requirements of different industries and deliver tailored solutions that exceed expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your specialist coating requirements and unlock the full potential of these solutions. Discover how Story can protect and enhance the integrity of your structures, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

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