Protecting Health and Safety with Specialist Solutions

In the fight against infectious bacteria, hygienic solutions play a critical role. At Story Specialist Coatings, we offer a range of paints, coatings, and wall coverings that incorporate different levels of antimicrobial agents or encapsulation. These solutions are designed to provide optimal protection against bacteria while remaining affordable.

Wide-ranging Services for Diverse Client Organisations:

Story Specialist Coatings proudly serves a wide range of client organisations across various sectors. We understand the importance of maintaining high compliance for hygiene in regulated spaces. Our services cater to clients working with vulnerable user groups, ensuring their premises are clean, hygienic, and safe.

Tailored Solutions for Different Environments:

We recognise that different environments have unique requirements when it comes to hygiene. That’s why we develop customised solutions for various settings, including schools, public buildings, gyms and leisure centres, sports stadia, custodial facilities, hotels, student accommodation, retail premises, food preparation areas (such as canteens, cafes, and restaurants), care homes, and healthcare facilities. Our goal is to create hygienic environments that prioritise health and safety.

Comprehensive Hygiene Standards:

In addition to providing hygienic coatings, we offer a deep cleaning and disinfection process to achieve Physically Clean, Chemically Clean, or Bacteriologically Clean standards. Our services encompass antimicrobial scrubbing and disinfection, ensuring thorough and effective hygiene measures.

Quality Assurance at Every Step:

We take pride in our commitment to quality. Each hygienic coating application is quality assured through detailed specifications, supervision, audits, and compliance certificates from manufacturers. This rigorous approach guarantees that our solutions meet the highest standards and provide reliable protection.

Experience the Power of Story’s Hygienic Coatings:

When it comes to safeguarding health and ensuring hygiene compliance, Story Specialist Coatings is your trusted partner. Our extensive experience and expertise enable us to develop tailored solutions for diverse environments. We prioritise the health and safety of your premises, providing comprehensive protection against infectious bacteria.

Contact us today to discuss your hygienic coating needs and discover how Story Decorating Group can transform your spaces into clean, hygienic, and safe environments. Together, let’s prioritise the well-being of your clients, customers, and staff.