This new build school was a large project for our Cumbrian team. Starting with the spraying of skirtings, window boards, architraves with one coat of Eco sure undercoat which was applied using our Offsite Spray Facility before transporting to site.

After installation on site we applied further coats to the woodwork by brush & roller to a finish.

Joints and fixings on window boards were filled with 2-pack filler prior to preparing for the final coats.

High level work was undertaken via MEWPS and specialist equipment, including spraying to activity studio, main hall, drama studio, atriums.

All concrete soffits were sprayed to a finish, including 2-pack mortar repairs after mist coating. Finally, walls were finished by brush & roller using either Dulux diamond matt or diamond eggshell. This included coloured feature walls in certain areas – green, pink, orange blue to determine the different faculties and their zones.

Doors and vision panels in frames were painted to a gloss finish meaning cutting into glass windows was required.

Project Name:

Workington Academy

Client Name:

Sir Robert McAlpine


General Painting to New Build School

Length of Contract:

7 months