This landmark building in a small seaside town had become an eyesore to the community. Years of degradation from the elements had made the building look run down and out of place.
Before works commenced, the old paint was removed by DOFF system but the finish left was unsatisfactory and SDG were dissatisfied with the new painting surface, which resulted in numerous site visits and meetings to get the surface to an acceptable level to receive the Keim system proposed. Once this was complete it was signed off for application to commence by a specifier from Keim Paints Europe.

This was not a straight forward job and seagull attacks were frequent as their nests were on the roof of the building, this was a huge issue for both the birds and SDG safety. A recording of a bird of prey calling was used to deter the seagulls from nesting at the site whilst works progressed. The weather also put a hold on this project resulting in many revisits to site.

Preparation and painting to External walls, quoins, reveals, windows, plinths, doors, handrails, gutters & Downpipes finally resulted in a great job with a happy customer and even the mayor of the town declaring the project a great success.

Our company has strong connections with the northwest coast of cumbria and so it was a pleasure to be involved in this project to allow us to give something back to the community. The finish and colours have helped to raise the profile of the area.


Keim Paints Europe and Crown Trade Paints

Project Name:

Union Hall, Whitehaven

Client Name:



External Redecoration of weather warn building

Length of Contract:

4 months

“Many thanks to the Story team for their help and patience on completing the external decoration work for us on Union Hall, Whitehaven. It was completed to a high standard and I would certainly use Story again in the future.”

G R Osbaldestin, MRICS

J Dixon & Son ltd